Is it better to post in the morning or at night?

As more businesses & consumers join social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter it is important for your post to stand out, otherwise what is the point of a post if people do not see it, right?

With proven methods such as frequent posting, proper hashtags, building a community help your post increase social media engagement. This then begs the question Is it better to post in the morning or at night?

Posting frequently does help bring in traffic as the posts will be at the top of the feeds list, but posting at the right time when there is heavy traffic on social media coupled with frequent posting will maximize the number of traffic streams that a post will get.

According to Instagram algorithm best time to post is in the morning

Due to different time zones, community and follower best time would be in the morning as most people check their phones during this time period. (It also covers most zones) Here is a cheat sheet to help you increase your social media visibility.

  • 5:00 A.M. – this time is preferred for those who immediately check on their phone as soon as they wake up not to miss anything.
  • 7:00 – 9.00 A.M. – during the morning period, there is a pronounced spike in the numbers of active social media users, as they are trying to go through everything before work hours after 9.00 a.m. or school hours for students.
  • 11:00 – 2.00 P.M. – this is around lunch hour when people go on a break from what they, whether break from work or school classes in the case of students.
  • 3:00 – 4.00 P.M. – at this time, people are already exhausted from the day’s activities and want to get back home. At this point, they are just trying to pass the time.
  • 5:00 – 7.00 P.M. – people are now either back home or on their way there. It will be preferable to post earlier by 5.00 p.m. when they are probably in transit home or later by 7.00 p.m. when they are home, relaxing from the day’s activities.

To gain more traffic, apart from getting the best time to post, try to target your follower demographics, mark the differences in time zones, note any increase in interaction whenever you post and have a good scheduling tool to help in managing your social media.

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