The Importance of H Tags

The Importance of H TagsIn a world where many of us have the attention span of a goldfish, an article is only as strong as its headline. When someone clicks to read your article, you have just a few short seconds to convince them that it’s worthy of a read.

What’s more important, your headers play a huge role in whether or not your article is seen at all: aka its SEO ranking. In this guide, our marketing experts will cover what H tags are and the importance of H tags in SEO so you can optimize your online content.

What Are H Tags?

First things first, let’s clarify what puts the ‘H’ in H tag. The H tag goes by a few different names: Header tags, HTML tags, and HTML header tags. To keep things nice and easy for you, we will stick to referring to these tools as H tags throughout the article.

Simply put, H tags are HTML indicators that provide structure to your web page so that Google can understand what your content is all about. Think of an H tag as both the glue holding your content together and the catapult sending it in the right direction.

An H tag ranges from H1 to H6 tags to help form the structure of your web page. In the eyes of Google, the title-forming H1 tag is the most crucial, as it tells the algorithm what the content on your page is about.

As you go down the list from H2 tag to H6 tag (depending on the structure of your article), you are explaining the importance of each section of content. H tags are your way of getting a personal audience with the Google algorithm, a silent plea to improve your odds of ranking well in the search engine.

Why Are H Tags Important For SEO?

When it comes to SEO, H tags are not just important. They are essential. Google does not have all day to sit around and read your content. It’s got things to do! Your H tags are what Google will use to quickly determine how to rank your content.

By optimizing your H tags, you can significantly improve your odds of ranking well on search engines like Google. In addition to helping Google distinguish your content, H tags also make your content easier for readers to digest. It provides clear structure to your web page and allows readers to quickly scan the page for the specific content they are looking for.

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