Top Local Directories for SEO

Local DirectoriesGoogle is often the first stop when people go online to find out more about a business, it’s information and it’s services. While Google can be an excellent and quick resource to find out information, it has become an unwanted middle man between businesses and their consumers; both potential and pre-existing. What can you do to help get your business found through SEO instead of relying on Google to provide information for you? Get listed on local business directories.

The three components you need to provide are name, address and phone number (NAP for short). Having your NAP be consistent across the internet will help your SEO. If you update or change anything, be sure to update it in the local business directory first. What else do you need?

  • Description: What does your company do? What is your brand? Detail in a few short sentences what your company stands for. Think values and purpose.
  • Web address: Use an inbound link (also known as a backlink) to direct consumers to your site. For efficiency, add a tracking link to your URL so you can view the amount of clicks your site gets from the local business directory.
  • Visuals: People are drawn to aesthetic. Give them a feel for your company through pictures and videos. This can be of a service you offer, the inside of your offices, a team builder, or other options that best show your company in a visual snapshot.

While there are both industry-specific and location-specific directories for businesses, it’s best for local businesses to start with the bigger directories and niche down more specifically from there.

Most Comprehensive Local Business Directories (U.S.)

From there we have compiled a list for you of additional local business directories to add your business to. It’s critical to make sure you have an online presence in as many places as possible for customers to find you. Regardless of your business’s industry or location, here are a few more sites to get on ASAP.

Additional Local Business Directories (U.S.)

Being on as many local business directories as possible is one of the biggest components to your company’s marketing plan. Get started and add yourself to these local business directories today.

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